Our blog provides news, updates and insights related to evidence-based conservation from the Conservation Evidence team, as well as our partner organisations and others in the conservation community. We're particularly interested in work that uses, or generates, evidence on the effects of biodiversity conservation actions.

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Conservation Evidence at the European Congress of Conservation Biology

Update from the 7th European Congress of Conservation Biology in Bologna, where the Conservation Evidence team is actively engaged.


A tale of a plucky masters student, resources wasted, and how lack of follow up means valuable lessons from large conservation projects can be lost…

Julia Jones explains the lessons we can learn from a failed crayfish eradication project in Malta

Restoring coastal habitat boosts wildlife numbers by 61% – but puzzling failures mean we can still do better

Based on their recent global synthesis, Michael Sievers, Christopher Brown and Rod Connolly describe the benefits of coastal restoration projects for animals – plus some lingering challenges.

Exploring new methods for using supplemental feeding

Alison Greggor describes her recent study, examining the potential benefits of moving supplementary feeders around to direct translocated animals.

News update from Conservation Evidence

This blog post is a summary of exciting updates from the Conservation Evidence team. Please follow the links, or contact us, if you want to know more about any of our work.

There be dragons… in the Conservation Evidence database

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, we’ve collated eight potential conservation actions for dragons, with some evidence for their effects from the Conservation Evidence database.

Meet the Conservation Evidence Team

Part 2 of a series of blog posts to help you get to know the Conservation Evidence team a little better!

How we can improve biodiversity while planting trees to benefit climate

Nadine Keller explains how her recent study in Borneo contributes to the evidence base around active forest restoration.

“And the winner is…” Looking back on a year (or thereabouts) of Conservation Evidence achievements

We’re really grateful for the continued support from all of our collaborators, including our Evidence Champions. These awards wouldn’t have been possible without your input. We look forward to working together next year. Wishing you all a happy (& evidence-based) 2024!

Meet the Conservation Evidence Team

Part 1 of a series of blog posts to help you get to know the Conservation Evidence team a little better!

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